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Yooba-for-iPad provides long-term customer interaction solutions for Apple’s world-leading iPad. Starting with Yooba Apps, businesses can develop and customise their own iOS apps. These unique apps are managed without any programming skills and enable brands to make their services and offerings more visual, and inject functionality into their marketing. With the iPad and Yooba apps, businesses can quickly integrate their communications into what is fast becoming the world’s most-utilised portable device.

Avalible on the App Store

iPad for public and smart spaces

With an iPad, businesses have new opportunities to optimise experiences through the visualisation of messages and information. The iPad provides usability already familiar to millions, with more added every day. Its design also makes it easy to position in public spaces: add a stand and you get a secure and professional installation. With this stable and swift combination, it’s so easy for businesses to get communicating - and with Yooba-for-iPad content is always current and relevant.

Secure stands

Usage of iPads in public spaces is growing constantly: retail environments, hotels, fairs and museums are examples of situations where increased accessibility and rapid delivery of information is demanded. This requires increased security and functionality for the iPad. Yooba collaborates with leading suppliers of professional stands, so we can deliver the complete customised solution that fits the unique needs of your business.

Yooba for iPad

This is the app that delivers the goods, adding value for both creator and audience. Yooba-for-iPad is the tool for developing and managing your own native app. Yooba offers several applications for different purposes, which businesses can develop and adjust according to their communication requirements. Through Yooba’s platform, businesses can manage their applications themselves and thanks to Yooba Content Editor these are updated simply, without any programming skills. The opportunities created by such smart functionality and internal management create sustainability for communications and maximise investment.

The company

Yooba is a digital marketing technology provider, pioneering radical new approaches to the development, publication and management of native iOS-apps for Apples iPad.

Our aim is to facilitate productivity and new approaches to better digital market communications. By continuously evolving Yooba for iPad we keep it tailored to the needs of business-driven digital communications that increase ROI and drive revenue growth with apps for iPad.

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